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Jail Commander

  Sergeant - Matthew T. Weidman -  matt.weidman@fayette-co-oh.com

Cpl. Matt Stegall

Deputy Cameron Hines

Deputy Kodi Jackson

Deputy Lane Lightle

Deputy Wiliam Haynes

Deputy Cody Kuebler

Deputy Adam Greenlee

Deputy Cameron Myers

Deputy Tonya Browning


What to expect if you are incarcerated

1- Prepare yourself mentally for the culture shock of incarceration. Nights will likely be the hardest.  Maintaining a calm demeanor will help you get through this transition period.

2 - You have rights which include access to medical care and humane treatment.

3 - Inform the processing official if you're carrying anything that may be considered contraband (such as medications) since a strip search prior to incarceration is common protocol. If you don't, you could face charges of introducing contraband into the facility, which can be a felony.

4 - Standard prison clothing includes county issued orange and white clothing with either a pair of flip-flops or pull-on shoes.

5 - You will be assigned an ID number and have your picture taken.

6 - You may be detained in a receiving before cell assignment, and during this time you may come into contact with other offenders.

7 - You have the right to arrange for legal representation if you are being held for trial and haven't already done so. Remember, if you cannot afford an attorney, the court will appoint one.


Tips & Warnings

Remember that jail may be home to violent predators. Never lose sight of the fact that your personal safety may be at risk and conduct yourself accordingly. Tear up return addresses on mail and prevent other inmates from seeing phone numbers dialed when using telephone privileges.

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