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Fayette County Dog Shelter

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Monday thru Friday


Saturday;Sunday; Holidays



 - 8:00 am to 3:30 pm


 - closed


Visitors Welcome . . . during hours of operation


After hours emergency calls should be directed to the Fayette County Sheriff’s Office by calling (740)335-6170

The Fayette County Dog Shelter

1550 Robinson Road

Washington Court House, Ohio 43160



email: fayette.dogwarden@sbcglobal.net


Dog Wardens:


Nelson Prater - Dog Warden


 Brittany Bryant  - Assistant Dog Warden


Chasity Arnett - Assistant

   Who We Are


The Fayette County Dog Shelter is under the direction of the Fayette County Sheriff’s Office. The Dog Warden is a deputy sheriff who averages 30-35 calls per week for stray dogs, dogs running at large, dog bites, and investigation of animals killed by dogs or coyotes.


The Dog Shelter also offers assistance to people looking for lost dogs, tips on dog care, and dog adoption. There is a public bulletin board at the Shelter to post flyers concerning lost dogs, or owners desiring to find a new home for their free dog.


The Fayette County Dog Shelter is a small facility with limited space, which means all our dogs are in desperate need of a home. Try as we may, there just aren't enough homes for all the dogs and puppies. Placing them is Urgent and You can help by adopting or placing a dog or puppy today. Please don’t hesitate to call.


THANKS . . . to all of you who have already adopted a dog or puppy and who have contributed to the Shelter’s cause.


PLEASE . . .

have your dog SPAYED or NEUTERED to cut down on over populations of dogs.

Support the effort to spay and neuter America's pets! Buy your Ohio Pet Plate today! Just go to: http://www.petsohio.com/





MOST of the lost dogs who are found wearing a tag will get home.


MOST of the lost dogs who are found not wearing a tag will not get home.



   Adopting a Friend

   Before You Adopt A Dog . . . Please consider the following:

Adoption Fees are as follows:


FEMALES - $76.00 includes; $100 spay coupon, a 20 lb. bag of Pedigree dog food, and an up-to-date license tag good in all counties in Ohio.


MALES - $63.50 includes; a $75 neuter coupon, a 20 lb. bag of Pedigree dog food, and an up-to-date license tag good in all Ohio counties.


PUPPIES - (under 6 months) start at $18.00 includes; a 20 lb. bag of Pedigree dog food, and there may be addition fees for any vaccinations required by the puppy.


2016 Dog Licenses - May be purchased between Dec 1st 2015 & Jan 31st 2016 . . . if purchased after 01/31/16 there will be a $14 late fee.


1 year $14.00  -  3 year $42.00  -  life $142.00


Licenses may be purchased at the Auditors Office or here at the Dog Shelter.

Kennel fees are now $70.00

  Shelter Current Needs

Dogs are playful - Dogs need plenty of exercise to stay healthy. You'll need to set aside playtime and time for training.


Dogs need protection - A fenced yard is important for the safety of your dog. You certainly don't want your dog to run away or be injured by a car. It's a good idea to have identification on your dog in case he manages to get loose despite your efforts.


Dogs grow - Puppies don't stay little for long! You'll need to pick a breed that suits your environment.


Dogs need a license - It is required by law to have your dog licensed. Failure to comply will result in fines and penalties.


Dogs need health care - All dogs need annual vaccinations, heartworm prevention medicines, & regular check-ups. Most important have your dog Spay/Neuter at the appropriate age.


Dogs influence your family budget - In addition to health care of your dog, plan for food, grooming if long-haired, collar, leash, toys, special bed, dog box & fencing, if kept outside.


Dogs need companionship - Friendship is a two-way street. Your dog deserves plenty of attention; he’ll be less likely to bark or chew your belongings if he gets your love & devotion.


Dogs need all of the above for their lifetime - The average lifetime of most dogs is 12 yrs., but some dogs may live for over 20 yrs. So, your dog will depend on you for love and care for a long time. Being a responsible dog owner is an important job and requires your serious commitment.

The Shelter is in current need of the following items:


Grain Free, Beef Free Dog Food.

We have some dogs with Allergies and do well with this type of food.









Cash Donations for the Spay/Neuter Fund


YOU MAY CALL US AT 1-740-335-6630.



By the time your dog is 3 to 4 months of age. It's wise to follow the advise of your veterinarian in this area. Depending upon which vaccine your vet used, you will need new shots every 1 or 3 years.



By a veterinarian who is associated with a registered veterinary facility.



The answer to this is simple. Rabies can be contracted by any warm blooded animal-including man. It is almost always fatal. Rabies immunization helps to prevent contraction of the disease. Rabies is normally transferred through a bite or scratch. This can only occur when animals are together, so it is safer to keep your dog confined.

   Managing Puppy Diseases . . . Vaccinations protect your puppy against life-threatening diseases

Because young immune systems haven't been exposed to contagious diseases and aren't fully developed, puppies are vulnerable to various diseases. You should consult your veterinarian about a vaccination schedule. Here are some guidelines on suggested intervals for vaccinating.

6 to 8 weeks

9 to 11 weeks

12 to 14 weeks

15 to 17 weeks

12 months


- Distemper, Hepatitis, Leptospirosis, Parainfluenza, Parvovirus and Coronavirus. (DHLPPC)

- DHLPPC booster

- DHLPPC booster, Kennel cough (BORDE)

- DHLPPC booster, BORDE booster, RABIE (good for 1 yr.)

- DHLPPC booster, BORDE booster, RABIE 3 (good for 3 yrs.)


Check-ups annually from this date on

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