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Special Deputies

The Fayette County Sheriff’s Special Deputies is a volunteer organization committed to the support and operation of the Sheriff’s Office. The Special Deputies are comprised of men and women interested in serving their community as law enforcement deputies and include both commissioned and non-commissioned persons. Commissioned deputies, though unpaid volunteers, have the same arrest powers and uniforms as full-time officers and some will also serve in special units within the Sheriff’s Office.


Some duties that the Fayette County Sheriff’s Special Deputies participates in are providing security at the Fayette County Fair and traffic details at accident scenes.


Applications for the Special Deputies are always being accepted.


Those interested in becoming a Fayette County Sheriff’s Special Deputy may pick up an application at the dispatch window in the lobby of the Sheriff’s Office or download a copy from the Home page

Current Special Deputies Roster:

Deputy Alan Witherspoon


Deputy Robert Russell


Deputy James Sears


Deputy Dan Summers


Deputy Don Campbell


Deputy Valerie Taylor


Deputy Dennis Campbell


Deputy Treg Brown


Deputy Jeffery Henry


Deputy Jason Langley


Deputy Keith Eckles


Deputy Shannon Long


Deputy Jordan Riley





Deputy Ronald Burke


Deputy Bruce Denen


Deputy Ronald Palmer Jr.


Deputy J. Marvin Arnold


Deputy Gene Ivers


Deputy John Moore


Deputy Scott Flynn


Deputy Chris Paisley


Deputy Brian Crooks


Deputy Carol Merritt


Deputy Roger LeBeau


Deputy James Kirk


Deputy  Jack Anders



Deputy Byron Gustin


Deputy Stephen Yeoman


Deputy Robert Pitakos


Deputy Josh Cash


Deputy Roger LeBeau II


Deputy Doug Boedeker


Deputy Douglass Marine


Deputy Tyler Cory


Deputy Brendon Furniss


Deputy Roger Wilson


Deputy Neal Noble


Deputy Brian Carlson


Deputy Shane Riley


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