The Fayette County Sheriff's Office is constantly building an eligibility list for future open positions. Full testing services for candidates interested in the position of Deputy Sheriff or Corrections Officer must register with the National Testing Network, Inc. (NTN), sign up and complete a test, and complete the pre-employment test and personal history questionnaire (PHQ). Candidates who successfully pass the pre-employment examination will be contacted by the Fayette County Sheriff's Office to continue the application process.

National Testing Network

To fill out an application and schedule a test, go to the National Testing Network Website, select Law Enforcement or
Corrections, select Ohio, and sign up for the Fayette County Sheriff’s Office.

What to Expect on the National Testing Network Website

  • Completion of the application process
  • Review all information related to the Fayette County Sheriff’s Office position(s), including minimum requirements, salary and benefits
  • Detailed information about the testing process for both the entry level test and PAT testing
  • Opportunity to take online practice tests on the Front Line Test website or the React Test website
  • Schedule your own convenient test time. Tests are offered multiple times a week, including Saturdays
  • Take high quality job simulation tests in a standardized, fair testing environment

After Completing the Test

Upon completion of the entry level exam and PAT testing, all candidate scores are automatically forwarded to the Fayette County Sheriff’s Office. Candidates who attain a passing score (70%) on the entry level exam will be placed on the office's eligibility list. The Fayette County Sheriff’s Office will contact candidates on the list, in order of their test score, and invite them to continue to participate in other stages of the agency's selection process based on hiring needs.

About the National Testing Network

National Testing Network is a service provided to conduct entry level testing in a standardized, professional environment. National Testing Network does not replace the Fayette County Sheriff’s Office responsibility and decision making in the testing process. All candidate results are available to the Fayette County Sheriff’s Office where the final decisions are made.

Communications / Food Services / Special Deputy Program

If you have an interest in working for the Fayette County Sheriff's Office in one of these areas, download and complete the application (PDF) and return it to our office.

Equal Opportunity Employer

The Fayette County Sheriff's Office is an Equal Opportunity Employer.