Pet Adoption

Before you adopt a dog, please consider the following:  

Dogs are playful - Dogs need plenty of exercise to stay healthy. You'll need to set aside playtime and time for training.

Dogs need protection - A fenced yard is important for the safety of your dog. You certainly don't want your dog to run away or be injured by a car. It's a good idea to have identification on your dog in case he manages to get loose despite your efforts.

Dogs grow - Puppies don't stay little for long! You'll need to pick a breed that suits your environment.

Dogs need a license - It is required by law to have your dog licensed. Failure to comply will result in fines and penalties.

Dogs need health care - All dogs need annual vaccinations, heartworm prevention medicines, & regular check-ups. Most important have your dog Spay/Neuter at the appropriate age.

Dogs influence your family budget - In addition to health care of your dog, plan for food, grooming if long-haired, collar, leash, toys, special bed, dog box & fencing, if kept outside.

Dogs need companionship - Friendship is a two-way street. Your dog deserves plenty of attention; he’ll be less likely to bark or chew your belongings if he gets your love & devotion.

Dogs need all of the above for their lifetime - The average lifetime of most dogs is 12 yrs., but some dogs may live for over 20 yrs. So, your dog will depend on you for love and care for a long time. Being a responsible dog owner is an important job and requires your serious commitment.

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